Solana Blockchain is a cutting-edge technology that is consistently faster and less expensive, Which is why it is at an unstoppable pace. With one of the fastest-growing projects, The need to safeguard their digital assets is critical. Despite being one of the fastest-growing ecosystems, It still lacks the infrastructure needed to be a secure alternative to Ethereum, Which SOLLock will provide. This is a much-needed solution in the space, As it finally gives Token Investors a sense of security.

SOLLock is developed to offer Developers and Investors a safe place to work, As well as a way to prevent immediate sell-offs and rug-pulls after token releases. The SOLLock Locker platform allows investors to lock up any SPL-based Token instantly.

SOLLock Offers

SOLLock Team will Lock the Team Tokens and create a vesting schedule for Team Members with specified dates and token amounts.

This reassures Investors that the Team and Developers will not dump their tokens on the market, Effectively killing the coin.

Investors expect fast and accurate details when determining which tokens to purchase. The following exploits and vulnerabilities are automatically tested by our SOLLock Smart Contract check tool:

Minting is one example of a possible vulnerability. As a result, Any Smart Contracts that do not pass our initial inspection will not be allowed to be deployed on our SOLLock platform.

The SOLLock system’s most significant feature is that any Solana-based(SPL) Token can be locked in seconds and the details about the lock-up can be viewed by the public on our SOLLock dashboard. Most notably, If the team plans to lock their Liquidity Pool Tokens and Team Tokens, The notorious “Rug Pull” will not occur.

SOLLock Smart Contract is designed to automatically take a 0.5% charge of the total tokens locked for each liquidity lock. These tokens would then be liquidated and used to purchase SLOCK tokens from the market.

SOLLock has its own native coin which is SLOCK. It is a reward token from the SPL environment

Users who hold and stake SLOCK will be rewarded with a share of the platform’s fees as well as the opportunity to participate in future projects hosted on our platform if the required amount is met.

Mining & Staking: 30 million SLOCK
Sale Allocation: 20 million SLOCK
Partnerships & Ecosystem : 15 million SLOCK
Liquidity: 10 million SLOCK
: 10 million SLOCK
: 5 million SLOCK
Team (vested)
: 8 million SLOCK
Giveaway and Events: 2 million SLOCK

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