SOLLock is giving away 100,000 SLOCK TOKENS to holders of SOL, RAY, and SERUM

Each participant will be receiving a total of 50 SLOCK Tokens
To qualify, you only need one of the three currencies in your SPL- WALLET, so you must have at least 10 SOL, 15 RAY, or 20 SERUM.
Since only 2000 people will be selected, it will be on a first-come, first-served basis.
There has been a minor update to the snapshot.
The team has agreed to schedule a snapshot for a specific date. …

As we launch we are giving away 100,000 $SLOCK tokens that will be shared with our Early supporters to enter is simple

1 Follow our Twitter

2 Retweet our pinned post and tag at least 3 friends

3 Follow our Medium

4 Join our TelegramAnn & TelegramChannel

5 Send your entry here

The giveaway will end on April 30 12 PM UTC
Any DUPLICATE or MULTIPLE ENTRIES will be automatically disqualified


Solana Blockchain is a cutting-edge technology that is consistently faster and less expensive, Which is why it is at an unstoppable pace. With one of the fastest-growing projects, The need to safeguard their digital assets is critical. Despite being one of the fastest-growing ecosystems, It still lacks the infrastructure needed to be a secure alternative to Ethereum, Which SOLLock will provide. This is a much-needed solution in the space, As it finally gives Token Investors a sense of security.

Why Choose SOLLock?

SOLLock is developed to offer Developers and Investors a safe place to work, As well as a way to prevent immediate…


The safest launchpad built on solana

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